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    Company Overview
    Committed to becoming a leader in the precision diagnosis industry
    Shenzhen Youshengkang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015 and is a biotechnology high-tech enterprise jointly founded by Chinese and American scientists and entrepreneurs.
    Focusing on in vitro molecular diagnosis, integrating product research and development, production, marketing, and services, we have established a complete industrial chain in the field of molecular diagnosis.
    35 invention and utility model patents have been declared and 19 have been authorized.
    The main business includes three major fields: in vitro diagnostic reagents, medical laboratory analyzers, and medical testing services.
    The company's in vitro diagnostic reagent products are based on three major technological platforms: genetic testing, immune testing, and cytology, covering fields such as early screening of tumors, individualized diagnosis of tumors, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
    Youshengkang has a professional research and development center and an international standard GMP factory. The R&D center is located in Shenzhen Longhua Guanlan High tech Industrial Park,
    The subordinate Youshengkang Medical Laboratory covers an area of 1500 square meters and has an internationally advanced, comprehensive, and diverse testing platform
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