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    Human Septin9 Gene Methylation Detection Kit
    Product Introduction
    The Septin9 gene is located at 17q25.3 and is associated with cellular functions such as chromosome segregation, DNA repair, migration, and apoptosis. Multiple studies have confirmed that CpG island methylation in the v2 subtype promoter region of the Sep
    Intended Use
    This kit is used for in vitro qualitative detection of Septin9 gene methylation in human peripheral blood plasma. For patients who refuse or are unable to undergo colonoscopy, the human Septin9 gene methylation detection kit can be used for testing.
    Product advantages
    This kit uses a unique combination of methylation specific primers&probes&wild-type blockers to ensure high sensitivity and specificity; Specific primer amplification effectively avoids false positives by introducing methylation specific primers exclusively. Combined with Blocker and specific probe technology, triple technology ensures specific amplification of the target fragment, effectively avoiding the occurrence of false positives in detection.
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